AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.6.2


Pack adds in traffic 65 new AI cars and motorcycles:
Dodge Grand Caravan, Neon, Dart, Durango, Ram(1500, 3500), Charger
Ford F150, F350, Focus, Taurus, Fusion, Mustang, Ranger, Explorer, Fiesta, F250(service)
Chevrolet Blazer, Tahoe(GMT900), Silverado, Colorado, Avalanche, Impala, Camaro
Chrysler PT Cruiser, 300C
Jeep Wrangler, Liberty, Grand Cherokee
GMC Yukon(GMT800), Canyon, Vandura
Cadillac CTS
Pontiac G8
Lincoln Town Car
Hummer H3
Toyota Tundra, Camry, Corolla, Yaris
Lexus GS350
Honda Fit, Civic, CB600 Hornet
Nissan Altima, Sentra, Murano, Hardbody
Hyundai Sonata
Kia Sportage
Subaru Legacy, Forester
Harley Davidson
Mercedes-Benz C-Class(W204), E-Class(W212), S-Class(W221)
Audi A4(B8), A8(D4)
BMW 3(F80), 5(F10)
Volkswagen Jetta 4, Beetle
Volvo S60
Porsche 911, Cayenne
All standalone.
Included real 3D logos for default cars.
Compatible with all my packs.
For version 1.5.x

Version 1.6.2 – pack adapted for patch 1.5, added 3d logos for default Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Volt, Cadillac CTS, Lincoln Navigator.



10 thoughts on “AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.6.2

  1. crimson foxx

    Thank you so much for updating it! :)

  2. Pack have some problems with police cars. Will be fixed tomorrow.

    1. Thanks mate! Still using previous traffic pack, will wait for a fix for this before I download. You do a fantastic job with your AI Traffic packs, keep up the great work.

  3. crimson foxx

    Yes i was just going to add that i just tested ATS with only your mod running and police cars are yellow LOL! So.. we went from red to yellow.Blue next? hahah just kidding. I love your mods so will patiently wait for fix. Oh BTW any chance you will update the classic pack and add a couple i love so much, a Buick Regal 1982 and also a Ford Bronco II ( 2). Its a kind of awesome small Bronco, i love them. Keep up the amazing mods jazzy, i am a devoted follower.

    1. Blue police? Good idea. Thanks ))

  4. Many thanks for update!

  5. Am I crazy or is the rear emblem for the Lincoln Navigator floating above the vehicle?

  6. And what about other traffic packs? Will them be updated too?

  7. derick games yt


  8. Gavin Whiteman

    This is a good looking back but when i installed it into the game the traffic all disappeared and the game was at the update that the game required. Jazzy if you see this please help.

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