AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.1


Pack adds in traffic 27 new AI cars and motorcycles:

Dodge Grand Caravan, Durango, Ram
Ford F150, Taurus, Ranger, F250(service)
Chevrolet Blazer, Avalanche, Impala
Chrysler PT Cruiser, 300C
Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee
GMC Yukon
Cadillac CTS
Lincoln Town Car
Toyota Camry, Yaris
Honda Fit, Civic, CB600 Hornet
Nissan Hardbody
Subaru Legacy
Harley Davidson
Mercedes-Benz S-Class(W221)
BMW 5(F10)

All standalone.
Included real 3D logos for default cars.
For ATS version 1.0.x
Compatible with all my packs.

Version 1.1 – added Ford F150, Dodge Durango, GMC Yukon, Ford Taurus, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Impala, Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac CTS, Toyota Yaris, Subaru Legacy, BMW 5(F10), Mercedes-Benz S-Class(W221)

Author: Jazzycat

DOWNLOAD 23 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 23 MB [Uploadfiles]

11 thoughts on “AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.1

  1. Great stuff! Thank you very much!

    You know that you could also put in the Ford Focus and Fiesta with minimum rework (US license plate instead of European) from the ETS2 pack?

  2. Woo-hoo!!!

    Jazzy, can you convert the ENTIRE pack of TDU2 cars to ATS too, please?

    Taina95 have been added some TDU2 cars to his package, but some of these cars are having the following problems:

    – rearlights too weak luminosity (example: Alfa 8C Competizione)
    – rearlights fading/vanishing after a certain distance (example: Audi Q)

    On ETS2 works fine, but on ATS something about this (rearlights) probably was changed…

  3. More other incredible pack, perfect job jazzycat

  4. Dave Snow

    Sorry, but the A.I. Packs by Jazzycat crashes my game every time.

  5. Installed this pack but it wiped out ALL AI traffic!

  6. Horror_LP

    Ich habe die Tage gezählt, bis du ein richtiges Traffic pack rausbringst Jazzycat! Seit Release des Spiels sind jetzt 10 Tage vergangen. Und vollia wie haben ein Traffic Pack.

    Gute Arbeit. Bitte konvertiere noch die restlichen Modelle aus deinem ETS2 AI Traffic Mod hier herein und ich wäre total zufrieden.


  7. Great JOB Jazzycat, i have been using you MODS since ETS 2 keep up the good work i definitely appreciate it

  8. Helldiver

    Jazzycat! Anyway you can make a version of this mod that -replaces- the classic cars seen driving around?

    I really hate those old cars and they are far too common which isn’t true in real life.

  9. Love your work Jazzycat .if you want can you make a Chevrolet Corvette for ATS never seen one in Ets2 ore Ats only in Farming stand alone ore a corvette pack would be nice.greeting John W

  10. Tuhkustuhke

    could you make this pack for ets2 too and with the original american cars too please?

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