AI Realistic lights V. 3.2 For ATS 1.38.XX

Mod update

Please do not upload the mod to another server. Respect the author’s original link, thanks.

– This mod plays part of the game lighting.
– Detailed mod information in the game mod manager.
– Touch all general light intensity, both AI, and environment.
– Acts on headlights, taillights, and brake lights throughout the AI.
– Greater angle of light on the road, of headlights of IA vehicles.
– The flashes have been reinforced so that they have a more powerful light beam.
– Turn signals, taillights, and brake lights, much more colorful.
– Increased the beam of flashing light of vehicles and trucks.
– Act on the lights of the street lamps and traffic lights.
– Led’s traffic lights.
– Added led traffic lights for all countries.
– Increased saturation of red and blue colors of vehicles guide and police.

Changes in Version 3.2:

– Led traffic lights added to Idaho.
– Added led traffic lights to New Mexico.
– Added led traffic lights to Utah.
– Deleted obsolete files
– Eliminated obsolete attributes of some files.
– Lowered AI taillights.
– Decrease in the intensity of the braking light.
– Adjusted brightness of brake lights and headlights.
– Increased traffic light beam.
– Reedited all the textures leds.
– Modification of all files.
– Adjusted light effects of .dds files
– The ranges of the turn signals have been expanded.
– Minor fixes.

Testers: Cupido, Rockeropasiempre.

Credits: SCS Software, Barmaley, Rockeropasiempre.

File Weight: 3.6 Mb


Credits: SCS Software, Barmaley, Rockeropasiempre.


4 thoughts on “AI Realistic lights V. 3.2 For ATS 1.38.XX

  1. This mod causes my game to crash because of malformed pmd files.

  2. Crashes me down to wallpaper every trip after a mile or two. De-activated…’nuf said

  3. EDIT – After re-re-re-checking my 50+ active mods, I found a Realistic Headlights mod that I left active because I thought it only applied to “player” (me), and not AI traffic. My bad…I was wrong and this works and is now my only active mod for lights…I can now see individual lights on trucks…gone are the days of approaching trucks having a huge amber eyebrow on their cabs. Only thing I’d like to see in next version is to reduce tail lights and rear markers even more. Great work author!

  4. causes the new lowboy trailer strobes not to work. i hope u upgrade it. thanks

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