Additional Parts for WS 49X

What’s inside:
– Custom Logger Bumper with functional fog lights and slots (available in chrome and paint, SBA and SFA chassis)
– Custom Lowered Front Bumper with slots (available in chrome. SBA and SFA chassis)
– Custom Front Bull Bar that suitable with SCS’s Logger Bumper and my Custom Logger Bumper with slots (availabble in chrome and paint)
– Aero Kit/Side Deflector with red led lights (available for 48″ cab and 72″ cab)
– Custom Sideflares with slots (available in chrome and paint. SBA and SFA chassis. Daycab, 48″ cab, an 72″ cab)
– Functional reverse lights on the back of cab (uses the slot of that vent thingy)
– Two kinds of rear mudguards, single and double. All of them are come in plastic, chrome, and painted
– And lastly, a custom rear light plate. You need my Lowered Chassis mod in order to use this one. If you also want to add your own light, add “mudflaps” to the suitable_for[] line in the .sii file
– Painted tanks with tank fairings and also slots. I think it’s compatible with all kinds of chassis from SCS default and my lowered chassis mod
– Exhaust stacks on the back of cab (compatible with SBA and SFA chassis of 48″ cab and 72″ cab)
– And lastly, a new fixed lights mode/pattern for the rear lights plate. Requires my lowered chasis mod.

Compatible with ATS 1.45

scs, Joko_P


One thought on “Additional Parts for WS 49X

  1. the last update in official steam is may/2021

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