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Add for Kenworth K100E

Date 2019-07-24 19:07

-= American Truck Simulator =-
mod -= k100e_of_ats_ADD.scs =-
additional mod for Kenworth K100-E, By Overfloater. Version 0.95

This mod changes the color of the dashboard and sets the K100e in company orders.
bobo58 // 24.07.2019



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3 Responses to Add for Kenworth K100E

  1. Badger

    Hey mate,…you should contact the author..Overfloater before posting mods of a new truck that im sure you are aware that it is still in development ..he has plans for steam , adding to quick jobs and other stuff, at the very least talk to him first so you dont interfere with his progress with this outstanding truck..

  2. Amatist

    Why did you change the color of the dashboard? it was perfectly fine as it was. Also, as the other guy said, he already had plans to put it on the job offer as well. Why people always need to get ahead the authors emselves??? sigh.

  3. zombiekiller

    i have downloaded this mod but i dont see this truck on quick jobs

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