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Add for Autocar DC by XBS

Date 2019-11-10 10:19

-= American Truck Simulator =- 1.36.x
mod -=( add_for_autocar_dc_by_XBS.scs )=-

mod – “add_for_autocar_dc_by_XBS.scs” makes changes to mod “autocar_dc.scs” by XBS
This mod add the truck “Autocar DC” in the company orders.
And also changes the sound of the engines in the truck “Autocar DC”
This mod when connecting / disconnecting changes the gameplay, stops the transportation of goods and moves the truck to the garage.
The priority of this mod is higher than the mod of the truck “autocar_dc.scs” by XBS
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bobo58 / 09.11.2019



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  1. Ethan

    Who the hell puts a cat #### as a profile label

  2. RedFox

    Where can I get the mod that has the image saying piva weather no hdr scs trucks, with its filename no_tint_scs_trucks_in_ats.scs? I know the piva mods, but this one I never saw.

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