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ABCO Transportation Skin

Date 2016-03-15 09:34


ABCO Transportation, Inc. is an American transportation company that specializes in highly perishable products as well as non-hazardous items. ABCO Transportation serves the lower 48 states Headquarters: Dade City, Florida,Founded: 1993 the truck supplied by Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.3 by Aradeth

Author: Fidiuss

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6 Responses to ABCO Transportation Skin

  1. Andre

    Very nice as usually! If you have the time to make that same skin for viper’s 389 with the d.o.t. thanks again.

    • Hi Andre thanks and Yeh I can do that for you later tonight when I am home from work just keep an eye out for it….and I’ll add the dot also…..

  2. Andre

    One more question for you . Do you also skin trailers?

    • at the moment only in ETS2 so if thats what you want then yeh, i dont have the available software for ATS but soon as i do i will be skinning trailers for ATS

  3. Andre

    I have the wabash trailers with alot of skins but one thing i noticed the werner skin blue was the wrong color. I would like that skin to be the correct werner blue.

  4. just noticed i put the peterbilt and volvo together ….my bad ! :)

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