9900I Essentials Vol.2 v1.49

Another selection of parts for the 9900i

2 new bumpers (One clean polished and one powder coated)
2 new grilles (One body color and one powder coated)
2 new stacks (5inch Mitered cut and a powder coated version of it)
2 new tanks (Painted 240 and 300)
2 new filters (One with the bolts mounted on the inside and a powder coated version)
2 new fenders (Full chrome fender and a powder coated version)
1 new mirror (Half painted)
Lowered and stretched “6×4 Long” to 290 inches
Clean 72″ Sleeper with 4 lights at the back of the cab
2 new steps (Painted option for both long and medium 6×4)

All parts are compatible with SCS’s paintjobs. For skinners: IF you’d like to change the frame color, paint the top right corner of the truck’s template.

This mod should be used alongside my Vol.1
Adapted for 1.49



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