2019 Uncle D CB Chatter 1.33V Preview

You drivers have asked me for new and longer pre recorded files from good ole “Uncle D” and your requests have been noted and answered, sorry for the wait, took months and months to build up a decent database for us but today I’m proud to announce 2019 is looking real real nice for us drivers with plenty of new files starting with this 1 hour 2019 preview, Get ready for 2019 because I got plenty new material for 2019 being mixed down as we speak! As always with my CB chatter mods, WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE!!! these files are not intended for younger SCS drivers or sensitive listeners. This mod is simply a studio edited MP3 file you will place in your SCS “MUSIC” folder not “MOD” folder and play with your in cab radio playlist ok. Other than that enjoy drivers and keep on trucking and keep on talking @#$@ on dem radios!

“Uncle D” ;o)
Uncle D Logistics ATS VTC

Uncle D Studios © 2018/2019

Uncle D Studios © 2018/2019


2 thoughts on “2019 Uncle D CB Chatter 1.33V Preview

  1. SCHADOW EAGLE - Peter Eagle Frederickx

    I’me Love Your Work…Thx :)

  2. Your very welcome driver!

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