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5 thoughts on “2015 Freightliner Cascadia

  1. [NEFW] NorthEast Freightways

    Hi, is there a less “polygoned” interior for this truck? I am having frame rate issues when I place the Hood Mirrors on the truck in the shop. I remember I had this problem with a Galimim truck, but it was resolved by come sort of “cleaning up of the interior,” I believe. Please let me know what can be done, as I am not experienced in Blender. Thanks a million.

    1. Im sorry but this mod is actually stolen from a real mod. you can get it for real on facebook

      1. link to the facebook?

  2. samuel mcpeters

    I like the truck it’s nice to buy in the game.

  3. samuel mcpeters

    how do you put the truck in the game

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