FS19 mods

2014 Rogers FG65L

Date 2016-09-29 19:45


All standalone.
Works on any map.
Tested,, and
Compatible with many packs
Pack contains 8 Cargo’s

Special Thanks to all the guys over at trayscapetrucking.com for making this mod possible without them I would have never had the awesome opportunity to make this trailer and the opportunity to work with them to make great mods the community I know will enjoy.


– Empty
– Empty Wooden Coils
– Wooden Coils with Wire
– Stainless Steel Coils
– Copper Coils
– Scratches Metal Coils
– Rusty Metal Coils
– Paper Coils

Copyrighted mod under licence M4OQ-DOXX-YBVL-VIV9

Zetor165Maxterra – Convert and Rework for ATS and Cargo’s
petercar379 (Corey) – Wheel’s
bansheewoj – Original Trailer Model
Smarty – Air Lines
Trayscapes – Idea’s for the Cargo’s and Research

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *


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11 Responses to 2014 Rogers FG65L

  1. CyrusTheVirus

    Hey Zetor, mod reuploaded and relinked on modhub, by Groningen263, aka mods_ats, aka losevo58….NO REUPLOAD AND RELINK!!!!!
    Can U give an email? I wish to talk with you

  2. Great Trailer my friend expect a video with it from me today ;)

  3. slicker4356


  4. Seb99

    thx man aand great work also

  5. Corey#3

    Copyrighted!!! #### under what? There is no copywrites. #### I can’t stop laughing.


      Man! Corey thank you for the good laugh. I can’t stop laughing either, because you just don’t know. you could copyright almost anything my friend just get a lawyer you would know.. thank you for being that guy. Bahhaha!

      • Sacadat

        To actually own full copyrights for a mod, let’s say, a Peterbilt truck, you would need a licence from ‘those guys’ that own Peterbilt brand.
        But ####### have a place on this world too, get a a good brain doctor, you would know.. hopefully.

  6. Corey#3

    You can fool some of these new ###### playing this game but I’ve been around far to long. I guess whatever helps you sleep at night and makes you feel special.

  7. Shilka

    great trailers, but advanced trailer coupling doesn’t seem to work?

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