20 Pack Skins for Freightliner Columbia Truck

Date 2017-06-24 19:31


Skins pak real firms, photos in the archive + The truck itself, he without the author! ???? Or someone does not confess? In short, ride and enjoy!



6 Responses to 20 Pack Skins for Freightliner Columbia Truck

  1. RG Trucking

    Does this include the Truck? I can’t find one!

  2. RG Trucking

    Well it does work! But the Truck has NO GPS in the Cabin ( Fix This PLEASE) And the Truck has very few options for it PLEASE Add more Options for the Truck!!!!

  3. andre

    Unfortunately the truck is as is it needs a major update

  4. RG Trucking

    @andre, Yes it needs a big update! It’s a cool truck, Maybe someone will update it!

  5. RITrucker

    An update is in the works, slowly.

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