125 Tons Trailers, Multiplayer/Singleplayer


Hi, here’s a mod I just made, inspired from MetalTigers mod on ETS2. This mod is available for 4 trailers and I can add more if you like it and wish so.
I highly recomend you to get the best engine. Any chassis work as far as I know.

Problems that cannot be fixed : with the long chassis tested, the front wheels lift up when throttle down at low speeds.


If you go online, make sure to put “125TONS” in your name to inform other players.
If you get banned for any reason, I am NOT responsible for that, so use it at your own risk.
To get the trailer online, go to singleplayer with the mod activated, grab the trailer and then go online.

Enjoy !

Author: BattleHalo


3 thoughts on “125 Tons Trailers, Multiplayer/Singleplayer

  1. Emmanuel / BattleHalo

    Wow, I’m amazed by the number of people already using my mod, thank you ever so much guys, you are awesome !!

  2. this doesnt work in MP

  3. doesnt work in MP

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