11 thoughts on “100% Save Game

  1. what ####…for losers only

    1. If u are low level and you need to try new truck mods is it working good or not what are you gonna do ? play tha game about 3 days and after test the mod ?

    2. If you don’t want it then why are you here?

  2. Hello,+how+to+install+this+addon+?


      pass the past 4900404040 from profiles

  3. James_seag

    how do you install


  5. how to add

  6. jheremiel xeon

    download and extract the file using winrar > open and copy the folder inside . paste to document . american truck> profile and paste it inside and done

  7. Thomas modreviewer

    yeah my truck sounds like a electric car and when i hit one little wall i go flying through the map like a flying ball

  8. The save file loads as usual but guess what its not #### 100% done on maps ### is this then???

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