Interstate 10 Map v 1.1 Updated

Date 2016-09-14 16:02

interstate-10-map-1 interstate-10-map-2 interstate-10-map-3

ATS v1.4 Compatible!
Mexuscam v1.11.1 CCompatible!
Coast To Coast v1.9 Compatible!

* Million Dollar HIighway Enhanced
* Now With Enviroment Sounds
* Seagulls and waves at the beach, crickets and birds in the forest, racing diesels at the louisiana raceway, air wrenches at the garage)

* Coast to Coast v1.9

Loading order:
* Mexuscan v1.11.1
* Interstate 10 v1.1
* Coast to Coast v1.9

Author: Rickpp


7 Responses to Interstate 10 Map v 1.1 Updated

  1. Yohan9_2


  2. It crashes with the MHAPro Map dough.

  3. Alexandre Lebrun

    coast toi coast 1.9 is not release where version 1.9 ?

  4. enrique quiroz

    hello, there is an error on Highway 96 to Toronto route grand rapids, north of the factories of Detroit city … the way this supposedly closed by yellow direction arrows that you send to Detroit city itself but can cross them. Correct the error. Thank you

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