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Volvo VNL 2018

Date 2017-12-24 22:25

-Buy in Volvo Dealer ( Tucson, Las Vegas)
-2 Cabs
-Different chassis and engine configurations
-Own interior




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  1. Andrew


  2. Pinna

    Game crash with the dealer mod. Do you know some mod that conficts with it?

  3. wil0405


  4. Sandking

    Game crashes here too, unfortunately. Too bad…

  5. jdwarfer

    It works. Just put the files in the correct order.
    1. Volvo vnr style
    2. Volvo for VNR VNL ATS
    3. Volvo VNL 760 2018

    • Sandking

      just tried it, still crashes for me

    • Pinna

      Yep! Now it Works! Thanks!!

    • Easiest way to deal with messy mods like this is to combine them yourself. It’s just a truck, so multiple “parts” are unnecessary. For those encountering issues with crashes, just combine all three mods into one single scs file and toss it into your mod folder. That’s what I did and it works perfectly without any conflicts with anything.

      • Sandking

        And how do you make one from all 3?

        • Take all the files and pack them into a single SCS. I think only like 10 or so files were duplicates (which in itself is completely unnecessary for any mod).

          • jdwarfer

            You forgot to tell about using DART to unlock the truck file, which can be found in SCS forum ;)

      • spawning salmon

        If you combine all 3 SCS mods together that will never work. The game will just see the scs archives and not show up. The game doesn’t know how to read it that way. Now if you unzip all 3 archives into one big folder and then zip them all up into an scs file. That could work. Why can’t the mod authors tell us this from the beginning ?

  6. guest


  7. Greg

    NOT Working, crash to desktop, with other mod and without other mods.

  8. gfl1973

    No crash but i cant do any world of trucks job, “internal error”, maybe a part is not compatible. I have sell my Aradeth for this :(

    • Me also, about 2 days I tries to see him in Modbrowser and Dealer.
      Nothing, with and without any Mods.
      So I´ve stopping now and: DELETE

      And you cannot put in ATS-Studio, because the Mod is crypted.
      So, 1.2gb more Place on my HD.

      • OK, I got him, but not in Truck-Manager.

        Why 1.2gb? There is nothing for tuning or other special Things…
        So I will stop with this Volvo.
        Otherwise he looks very good.

  9. Keith


  10. Spawning salmon

    My still crashes. I start from scratch and see what happens. In the mean time, what priority does the volvo dealer need?

  11. Justin


  12. jaky

    this truck ( VOVLO ) is a bomb wow. thank you so much for sharing. Have a nice new year for all.

  13. Works perfect. I was afraid this would conflict with Aradeth’s mod, but this mod has NO conflicts with ANY mods I have installed (200+ mods from workshop alone). Thank you :)

  14. alex

    rework please the glass

  15. Sam

    Please upload it on sharemods.

  16. Brian

    This mod makes all highway sign lettering disappear. Clean profile, no other mods. Would use as the truck looks great but can’t deal with signs without letters.

  17. Clayton

    It’s a shame you can’t mod it or anything, the SCS file appears to be locked..

  18. Tony

    Great looking truck, but it does need more work to make it better. Needs blind spot mirrors for the aerodynamic side mirrors, advanced trailer coupling, speedometer in MPH instead of KPH (a better, more accurate dash in general), removal of the lines outlining the windshield (not present in the actual truck), and resizing of the GPS in the dash to fit it better (cannot see the speed limit on screen). Also noticed all the freeway signage becomes blank with this mod. Would love to see a completely finished truck.

    • TheDriver959

      Actually, those lines ARE there…on Volvos equipped with a heated windshield. I know because I’ve driven one. They’re uncommon, but they do exist.

  19. Jaro.37

    Many red errors in the log, this is a new mod and there are errors?

  20. American Trucker


  21. Could you please add the 740 cab?

  22. TheDriver959

    It’s a shame that this mod somehow interferes with the road signs. If it didn’t, I might download it.

  23. Greg

    Guys road signs fix: Open VOLVO_FOR_VNR_VNL_ATS.scs and delete unit folder. Crash fix = Just buy truck in Tucson.

    • spawning salmon

      Buying it in Tucson didn’t work for me. Any other suggestion? I’m not worried about the road signs yet. I can’t get to the truck yet. I tried the load order suggestion too. That’s a bust.

  24. guest

    all traffic signs disappeared , please fix

  25. альберт

    Очень хороший грузовик!сделан великолепно! НО!не у всех видеокарты 1070 или 1080!увы на gtx-1050 фпс только 40!после стабильных 60 фпс на дефолтных грузовиках не играбельно.если б можно удалить капотные зеркала, то ФПС бы поднялся.хоть крестики для удаления есть но зеркала не убираются.

  26. karol


  27. So once I got the truck working (see my posts above for that part) I still assess it to be a literal mess. However, to help folks out, there is a VERY simple fix that will make the truck not only keep from breaking parts of the game (road signs, etc.) but also be a LOT more optimized. 1) Import model into Blender. Strip of all materials. Everything. 2) Save as Blend file. 3) Open Aradeth’s AWESOME VNL (now THAT guy knows how to make a quality mod :) 4) replace physical body and interior with parts from this truck. 5) UV Map and do from-scratch materials to get the look and feel desired. 6) Enjoy an optimized 2018 VNL, which would not be possible without Aradeth :)

    • Brian

      Too much god #### work for a crappy ### modder who cant even make the mid right to begin with. Fook the mod. It’s not worth it!

    • Clayton

      Have you managed to import it? I’ve tried doing so and I can barely even open the zip. I’ve been wanting to add my own touches to it lol

      • Once unlocked, yes it does import.

        • Clayton

          Do you think you could help me unlock it? I’ve tried going above and beyond to do so, and I haven’t had any luck. I’m not as nooby as I sound lol, this one has just given me a hard time.

        • Clayton

          Also, what programs did you use to unlock and stuff? I know that when I try to open the .scs with just WinRaR or 7Zip it says it’s damaged.

          • Look up the thread on the SCS forum for D.A.R.T. You’ll be glad you did. :) It’s important to note that I don’t condone unlocking for the purposes of reuploading mods. I’m only sharing this info for the purposes of personal use.

  28. alex

    this mod is veru beautiful,and this mod need to be optimizated,because he go down fps in game

  29. wolfffish

    Although it needs more optimized, but it is still very nice truck.
    It’s a great job. Keep going.

  30. Leo Patrick

    not working

  31. The download link is broken! I am sad…

  32. Mike Young

    Works fine but with a lowboy trailer (Chris55) I sometimes catch the trailer bottom on a hill/dip.

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