USMC Truck Skin Mod for Kenworth W900 v 1.01 **UPDATE**


**UPDATE** One of my friends had a problem getting truck skin into game. He contacted me and he helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. A round of applause for Uncle D! Anyway, here is the SCS file. It should work now.

If anyone else has had problems, please contact me.

If you redo this mod, please co-credit me.

If you would like your in-game business/logo, please message me.



2 thoughts on “USMC Truck Skin Mod for Kenworth W900 v 1.01 **UPDATE**

  1. You’re very welcome Toyman, glad to see all your skins are now working properly and mod manager ready!

    1. Hey thanks, Uncle D! My more recent items do not have the manifest yet, but look out for the Super Blue Skin! It has the manifest in it.

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