11 thoughts on “Trucking for a Cure

  1. Glad to see someone doing a mod for Cancer awareness. Prayers sent to the friends family whos going through a Cancer battle! If possible when you have the time to do so can you possibly do a Leukemia awareness mod for the Freightliner Classic XL? My mother has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia she beat her Cancer diagnosis last year in May.

    1. The cancer symbol for Leuekmia is Orange.

  2. big daddy

    The cure should be to never have to drive such an ugly truck…

    1. Sdime2002

      Of all the things you could have said THAT is what you say! Are you kidding me! Dude, next time you have a thought, just let it float out the window into the street where it can be hit by this truck. Shame on you. My mother survived cancer . Good work on this skin. Props. Driving for a cure….

    2. You pathetic son of a big b.tch! Don’t you see the explanation? He made this for a purpose. If you don’t like then don’t download.

      Do you want from us to enjoy on a soft bed with your mother, sister, wife?Haa? Is that good for you?
      Yes, of course it’s good for you. That’s your dream!!!

  3. Good skin thanks for creating and sharing

  4. Downloading now, thanks! Would be really cool with a matching trailer though as a combo pack. :) I know others as well who have been through breast cancer. Sending prayers to your friend and his mom.

  5. I’m running it, looks great in game.

  6. bid daddy thinks he’s on a #### site or something probably molests chickens or ducks or even little sheep, but knowing big daddy his some kind ##### mother pe*o ####

  7. O.J. Russell

    My wife also! Would love to see a trailer to match this!

  8. I have a Leukemia awareness skin in the works. The skin will be completely custom since their is no paint for a truck like this yet.
    And yes the trailer for this truck is currently on the board. Both the truck and trailer will be packaged together, as well as the trailer being a separate mod as well.

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