TRANS-ALL Garage small ETS2-Style v2023.1

Tested on Version 1.48.x

What you get
Garage small ETS2 Style
Company Player Logo

Garage small ETS2 Style changes
– Completely revised design inside and out
– Whole area passable inside and outside
– Illuminated company logo
– 6 gates that can all be opened and driven on
– Tidy terrain



5 thoughts on “TRANS-ALL Garage small ETS2-Style v2023.1

  1. Chance "Cyrax" Wilkens, King of Akron, Ohio

    does this change every small garage too that you dont own?

    1. ATS Trucker

      copy and paste, im sorry about that

  2. ATS Trucker

    does this change all small garages in game you don’t own?

  3. ATS Trucker

    does this change all unowned small garages?

  4. ATS Trucker

    wow im sorry about the multiple posts, the system didnt like me today lol

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