TRANS-ALL Garage D-Deck for ATS v2023.1

Tested on Version 1.48.x

The ‘ta_garage_locators.scs’ mod file, place it into your mod folder, activate the mod and set the priority higher as ‘TRANS-ALL Garage D-Deck’ mod.

– Completely revised design inside and out
– Whole area passable inside and outside
– Illuminated company logo
– 9 gates that can all be opened and driven on
– Second exit gate in the rear wall of the hall
– Workshop: 3 ramps, 2 passable, 2 with random truck allocation
– Workshop: workshop pit
– driveway to the second floor
– 5 parking spaces with random vehicles
– New gas station
– Automatic roller shutter at site entry / exit
– Animated workers, guard and dogs
– Sitting area with pictures and calendar
– second floor with
*Rolling gate entry-exit
*Office with staff and conference room
*Storage area for trucks and trailers
*Panoramic view of the city



One thought on “TRANS-ALL Garage D-Deck for ATS v2023.1

  1. Please also do it for American Truck Simulator v1.46.4.1s Please my friend…???

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