5 thoughts on “THUNDERSTORM Custom Peterbilt Edited Edition

  1. The kuntry Boy


    1. gucci gang93

      Stolen Mod ? One of first who worked on him original me and 2 persons all under is editors and u random came and trashtalk because u cant admit good mod go then make one for us i waiting for :)

  2. Trucks and Horns

    My personal mod i make it first and give after to people for edit or update do not flame people because i gave permission go back to school ;)

  3. George Sills

    First thing I noticed was that there were no trailer cables. How did you miss that? Secondly, the mirrors were almost opaque when the sun got high. Otherwise a nice mod that I found to be frame rate-friendly. Contrast that with Viper’s 389 which would pull the fps into the mid teen range. Just my two cents…..

    1. Trucks and Horns

      Edit is edit who edit and update i gave permission to those 2 people if they fix or make fps drop, or if they put something what also can cause fps drop,radio is not properly, then they make mistake in fact this mod have TONS options is hard to fix everything with a time and updates i had no time so i gave them if u like play if not what i can….

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