Super Pete 389 (Re-UPLOADED!)

In this mod I have given the Pete 389, 100,000 HP 100,000 Ft lbs of torque 2 500 gallon tanks and a tricked out 18 speed Eaton transmission and it is also a 6×6 so all wheels drive the truck. All modded parts are only $1 and can be had at lvl 1. Enjoy :)

This is a re-uploaded version in case my mod endsw up taking down by haters. Know that I will re-upload it and I don’t care what the haters think of it. Your saltiness will go well with me. ;)



11 thoughts on “Super Pete 389 (Re-UPLOADED!)

  1. RiflerGamer

    Great funny mod. Test:

    1. TruckerMan2

      Why thank you! Glad someone knows how to appreciate my work, unlike my haters. :D

  2. Deputydawg

    Are you that desperate for money that you keep posting something nobody really wants?

  3. TruckerMan2

    I’m not that desperate, just goes to show that I just do whatever I want. :D

  4. hey, do you use it to run in need for speed?
    ### forgive him…

  5. jaymz1701

    LOL awesome, it’s a good for the heck of it mod, look, seriously guys, if you don’t like it, or want it, don’t download it, there’s no reason to flame him, he’s just having a bit of fun. Personally, I won’t be using it, but if you want an airplane engine for those heavy hauls go for it, either way, thanks for the work.

    1. TruckerMan2

      Thank you for standing up to me, buddy. :)

  6. Whatever floats your boat. It kinda defeats the purpose of the game, but so do the mods that put cars in the game.

  7. Truckercharly

    It is such a big mod. So much work at one time. You see the result of the realy hard work of 10 months, maybe more. It is a completly overhaul of the unimportant pre work by scs. Truckerkid2 has made the importantst finish of this truck. Without Truckerkid2, the modderscene is nothing. We are proudly to present you all, the center of the modding scene and the center of the universe, with his famous mods, they everybody wants: TRUCKERKID2!!!!

    Question to Truckerkid … aehhhh TruckerMAN2 (he will be a MAN, lol): Your thearapy is paused or finished unsuccessfully?

  8. goinghometoslutville

    Just downloads an HTML file. I consider that fake and going to re

  9. Uncle Joe

    Delirium! I know, I’m a hater, but I’m interested what do you do in ATS? Your place in Mario Kart. Forget about ATS, until you grow up. Really, there are people who download similar mods? LOL :)))

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