Salt Lake City Overhaul – The Wasatch Mountains v1.0 [1.47]

Today I will present to you my complete rework of the mountains in and around Salt Lake City. Many people have suggested that the mountain backdrop to SLC in ATS was not properly represented by SCS. So until SCS does what they do best I have built for you the majestic Wasatch mountain range.
I tried to adhere to the shape of the mountain range as best as I could with the limited skills I have. It was quite difficult due to the limited space in this part of the ATS map. At the very least, this mod should present actual mountains similar to the real life models and not just a line of hills.

The peaks can be viewed from the east, north, west, south, well all around really. The far model has been completely reworked too to give the impression of a real mountain range from afar.
The Wasatch mountains range from semi dry, dry to snowy mountain peaks.

Enjoy a revamped SLC experience!



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