5 thoughts on “Russian City Names For Viva Mexico Map v 2.2

  1. I welcome.
    Please, do Fix to your map and MHAPRO FOR ATS v1.6 (1.6.X)
    At one time a long time ago he was so, but is already not compatible.
    I am greeting.

  2. why would we want russian names for its ats ????

    1. AngryTrucker

      Because Russian modders are ruining this game either by stealing mods and selling them (f*ck you), by releasing bullsh*t and incomplete mods (also f*ck you) or are releasing pointless mods like this steaming pile of sh*t just to release something as if ANY of us give a f*ck or want it. (Double f*ck these people)

      1. Фак you pidr

      2. yes i agree fuk them ….

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