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Realistic Lighting 2 JBX (16-1-2018)

Date 2018-01-17 10:58

This modification improves lighting, color, bloom, automatic exposure, road textures, terrains and other additional improvements.

I recommend using my Reshade & SweetFX Preset 1.9.5 for Best visual of the game environment.


– Realistic Bloom
– Better Lighting
– No Glass Opacity
– Less Auto Exposure
– Better Color Saturation
– Realistic Color Temperature

Changelog: v1.0 Adjustments and Improvements in the lighting profiles, textures of the environment and other additional improvements.

Optional Add-ons:

– No Bloom
– Increased Auto Exposure

Note: These add-ons are not required. Use only with JBX 2.

Adjustments required* in the Game

– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): OFF (*)
– High Dynamic Range: ON (*)
– Depth of Field (DOF): OFF (*)
– Rays of Sunshine: ON (*)
– Color Correction: ON (*)
– Anisotropic Filtering: Maximum (*)

I recommend playing in the best graphic quality + 400% Scaling + Full HD

For better visual quality apply all the graphic settings I recommend. It affects the performance*

Necessary settings for my Mod SCS and Preset 1.9.5 (Config.cfg)

uset r_gamma “1” (Important)
uset r_cloud_shadows “0” (Optional)
uset r_color_correction “1” (Important)

Path: DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorconfig.cfg
Path: DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2config.cfg

Note: Exit the game before modifying config.cfg

Warning: If you want to use any of my configurations, request it and leave my credit. JuanBonX

Compatible: (ATS) 1.6.x, 1.28.x, 1.29.x, Viva México, CanaDream, Coast to Coast, MexssiMap, Spring Weather,

Giving thanks costs nothing.

JuanBonX (Mod), SCS Software (Author), Custom Maps (Authors)


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4 Responses to Realistic Lighting 2 JBX (16-1-2018)

  1. Video with this amazing mod:


  2. Deputydawg

    Does this have the same problem as the other “realistic graphics” mod which causes day to look like it’s night and night as if it was day?

    • JuanBonX

      Hi. The nights have less brightness. A little more realistic. the day has a pretty good lighting. you must use preset 1.9.5 for a better gaming experience.

  3. New Video with this mod:


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