Real Emergency Ai Pack v1.4 ATS 1.45 by Cip

– Mod adding in traffic versions of all SCS stock police and emergency vehicles with beacon and personalized siren sounds, spawning alongside default vehicles and at the same spawn ratio as their opponents
– All vehicles have personalized sounds for all ATS states covered by SCS and generic vehicles (which can spawn at low ratio everywhere) are equipped with the most iconic US siren sounds
– each vehicle can spawn only with beacon or with beacon and sound, while the sound is also not continuous
– each siren sound has a length between 20-30 seconds and the gap until the sound will start again is random
– all vehicles have also engine sound (imported from my Real Ai sounds)
– no sounds for vehicles spawned in road events
other mod features only available if used together with my Real Traffic Density mod:
– Emergency vehicles have own speed class, however every Ai will obey traffic signs and red lights
– default police and emergency (without beacon and sounds) are restricted only to local roads
– a silent version of Real Emergency vehicles (with less probability of having a sound) can also spawn on local roads
– Ai vehicles spawning in cities and motorways will be more likely to have a sound
Changelog v1.4:
- fixed missing automat files and full update to ATS 1.45
- added Montana police and emergency personalized sounds
- restored missing Wyoming hp duty police

Recommended mods in combination with Real Emergency Ai pack:
– Real Traffic Density for ATS (offering the above mentioned support + comments and suggestions for Real Ai Emergency pack)
– Real Ai Traffic FMOD Sound ATS (for harmonization of all Ai vehicles sounds)

both mods are available on my Steam workshop:

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and wish to support me producing future versions, you are welcome to offer me a beer. I thank you in advance, here is my PayPal account:

author: Cip, credits: SCS for default vehicles, FMOD and YouTube for the sounds


2 thoughts on “Real Emergency Ai Pack v1.4 ATS 1.45 by Cip

  1. Here it is very difficult to use this mod because there are many, a lot, ambulances and fire trucks, especially inside cities, literally every 2 minutes IRL. Maybe this is because I use Brutal Traffic

  2. this mod is especially made to work with my Real Traffic Density mod. I made it compatible with any other traffic mod, but if you notice unusual density of the emergency, this is the key to realize what a #### mod you are using for traffic density. you should rather find another traffic density mod than giving up to a the unique emergency pack ;)

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