13 thoughts on “Real American LTL Shortbox Trailer Pack

  1. Almost spot on! The ABF Freight trailer should have the green stripe towards the front. It’d be great to see a similar pack to this for the long box with USF Holland/Red Star, New Penn Motor Express, Pitt-Ohio and Central Transport alongside FedEx, UPS, Estes, Yellow/Roadway/YRC and R+L.

    You might even want to consider adding Overnite Transportation, Watkins Motor Lines, American Freightways and Viking Freight, the companies that became UPS Freight and FedEx Freight respectively.

  2. thx+for+catching+the+ABF,+overlooked+the+positioning+on+that+one.

    1. No problem! I’m a truck driver irl so I’m familiar with these. I hope you do more, this is excellent work!

  3. Steve Hollar

    Hate to tell you, but, the site, MediaFire, where you download this file is a pathetic joke. I’ve tried several times with both Chrome and Firefox and it will not download the file. I give up.

    1. gotta know your way around spam bro, mediafire is one of the better ones to be honest.

    2. Mesiafire is one of the easiest ones. I prefer it over others. I will literally refuse to download if someone uses “uploaded” (that’s the name of the file site), for example. But Mediafire and Sharemods are two of the best ones out there. If you have issues using Medifire, then there is absolutely no way in hell you’d successfully get this file from the other sites.

      1. Bah it won;t let me correct my post, but I meant Mediafire – typo in first instance of the word. Not “Mesiafire” LOL

  4. Don’t listen to Steve BigRigFrosty, that’s his PC not the site, I do mods too and ONLY use Mediafire and had no problems getting your pack and by the way your pack is outstanding bro, I even gave you a shout out on my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1638243125 search “Uncle D” on this site and you’ll find my stuff…..nice job on the trailers, they rock!

    “Uncle D Logistics”
    “Uncle D CB Chatter”

  5. Nice trailer pack!

  6. Bigrigfrosty – excellent work. As someone who travels for a living, both on ground and by air, it was a pleasure to see some of these names finally hit the roads in game. It brings us closer to immersion :) Well, brings me closer anyway.

    1. glad you like it :)

  7. Blackspots

    Get this message in ATS 1.5 beta

    “00:10:35.173 : [traffic] Maximum supported trailer type number is 20. Ignoring 14 trailer types.”

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