Physics Mods V2.3 for ATS 1.6.x+ – For Auto/Seq Drivers

Hi guys, This physics change the transmission feel and suspension.

[UPDATE]: That is new in this update v2.3, now the cabin car shake. You have to different thing in a truck
– Work with 2 trucks for now: 389 and W900 by SCS.

#For Manual-H transmission:

– The only thing is change is the clutch friction are decrease For Manual H shifter only.

– The RPM will drop slower, that mean you need to take time to shift. (engine braking, not motor brake or Jacob)
– FlyWheel inertia is decrease, that mean is easier to start moving the truck.
– Clutch are decrease, Since Truck are big twin disk clutch, is harder to use the clutch.

#For Automatic Transmission:

– For the Sequential and Automatics mode is still in Work in Progress.
– Value are not stock, So you might seen some change.
– Trying to make the transmission change smoother and faster.


#For suspension:

– Now the trailer and truck can roll and pitch seperatly.
– Stock physics are weird mean that truck and trailer will roll and pit at the same time, like a one pieces truck.
– The truck car roll at 7 degrees
– The truck car pitch at 10 degrees
– Truck and Trailer car roll really easy now. So drive safely.

– The suspension are little bit softer than stock physics.
– That mean that the truck will rebounce when going on a bump.
– That give it a little bit of realistics.

– Now the cabin can shake (pitch or roll) in the frame, in stock SCS truck you will se better then other trucks.



#Other Physics

– Mass of the Truck and Wheels are change, so you will see the differents on the wheigt.
– Now the tire can slip. That mean the truck can understeer or oversteer. (Still im WIP)

– Still in WIP !

The goal is that I want to make the “worst” physics to a “real feel” physics, I never drive a real truck in real life, but I can make it from Youtube Video.

Recommended to use with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but you can use this mod with other controlers !

I can update the mod for you if you want !

Any bug or question ? Just tell me on Facebook:



4 thoughts on “Physics Mods V2.3 for ATS 1.6.x+ – For Auto/Seq Drivers

  1. great mod but too aggressive, tone it down a bit.. thanks for the mod

    1. Hi, Is still in Work In Progress.

      Automatics Transmission physics are really hard to work with a game that the physics is not really push up. Also I never drove I truck. but from video I can make it :)


  2. Thank you for the physics. Can you please tell us which file to connect? There are two files there but I did not understand what to connect.

    1. Hi, Read the description for more info.

      The physics you really need to connect this to have the physics, but you have in option to have the cabin of the truck wobbling when turning or going on something.

      Don’t go too fast, or it will be less realistic.


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