Peterbilt Modified v2.9

Changelogs 2.9
– Fixed obsolete files
– Updated truck dealer
– Updated models and animations
– Fixed steering wheel def
– Cleanup of errors in the log
– Updated to 1.48.x

Modified Peterbilt 379/389
– 7 cabs
– 14 chassis
– 3 engines
– Engines with their own sounds
– Exclusive interiors
– 6-18 speed transmissions
– Standalone

Viper2, maxx2504, ED101, Kriechbaum, V2obert, Harven


5 thoughts on “Peterbilt Modified v2.9

  1. fix chrome please

  2. Equality for all car manufacturers

    ok drop it off next week and we will take a look, maybe just a dead rat in the air con???

  3. Equality for all car manufacturers

    hey you fix it you brought it

  4. elkamynante

    FPS-Killer! Stay away!

  5. SomePeopleTheseDays

    Viper2-GER did not officially update this, it’s stolen. He stated clearly on Steam workshop page of this truck “Any version above 1.40x will not be supported”, the last version was 2.3 of this truck.

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