Freightliner Inspiration Rev. 2.0a for ATS 1.48 by TMH

This revision of the already existing Freightliner Inspiration truck for ATS aims to improve some aspects, add new elements and resolve some known bugs. This revision was done out of passion and absolutlely not for commercial purposes, with the utmost respect towards the authors of the original mods.

Tested and working on ATS 1.48.
NOT tested with multiplayer, use at your own risk.

Freightliner Inspiration (2.0): Dmitry68, Felipe Conbar, Freddy Jimmink, JOSEF STEVOVE, losevo58, Serega22ru, Kororuz, P1MP1N
New engines (in Freightliner Inspiration 2.0a): Jess Mods
Revision (in Freightliner Inspiration 2.0a): TMH

T248 Steering Wheel: Harven
Revision and adaption (in T248 Steering Wheel): TMH


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