Peterbilt 579 Interior/Exterior Rework

Peterbilt-579-Interior-1 Peterbilt-579-Interior-2 Peterbilt-579-Interior-3

Mod is for SCS Peterbilt 579 only! Tested on 1.0.x of ATS!

– Changed all interior textures to improve similarity to real life truck (used high-res textures) – plastic, wood, fabric, leather parts, floor mat, interior lamps, Peterbilt logo on wheel and radio
– Improved dashboard: updated colors of gauges, changed backlight of symbols
– All icons, symbols and dials are brighter now
– Added small windshield tint and added reflections to driver/passenger doors glasses
– Updated outside truck textures: windshield (added tint, changed reflective parameters) headlights, foglights, visor lights, blinkers, tail lights. Added new light mask
– Improved chrome parts, Peterbilt logotype, grills, reworked all three types of mudflaps
– Added two new modes for windshield wipers
– Improved chrome material texture for all trucks

Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod folder of ATS;
2.Open in-game mod manager and enable “Peterbilt 579 Interior/Exterior Rework” mod;

Authors: AlexeyP, SCS Software


5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 579 Interior/Exterior Rework

  1. Already doing gods work, mate. Your reworks are fantastic, and great job getting on this game so early.

  2. AMT_L3xxd

    Great work so far! Only thing left that bugs me on this and the t680 is the lack of brake or clutch pedals, and no shifter (or automatic gear selector for that matter)

  3. DarkD3stroy3r

    Good mod but the window reflections are very annoying, please remove it.

  4. DieselHolic

    one thing that bothers me that im wondering if you could change is, could you lower the steering wheel or make it an option possibly? i like to sit in a lower position and the steering wheel covers up some of the dash. thanks in advance.

  5. Fix for excessive windows reflections;
    Connect with higher priority!

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