10 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Metallic Silver Red Skin

  1. great looking skins as usual mate

    1. Cheers Fid, hope everything is going well.

  2. nice mod again Klunk, what are the name of the rims and tires? i want my truck to look just like this

    1. Hi Alfie
      just search for CUSTOMS+RIM+and+TIRE+v1.2

  3. You make some very cool looking paints, keep up the work man.

    1. Cheers Peteman

  4. slow atm mate not many skins as ive been busy with hiking,decorating,website,wife,kids,work etc etc :) hope all is well your end!

    1. Wow a very busy man, I am fine mate cheers, not doing much, just working i have no wife or kids so i can just paint. take care mate.

  5. Thank you Klunk, really appreciate your work!

    1. Cheers Ollez

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