Peterbilt 387 [1.2.х]

peterbilt peterbilt-2

Peterbilt 387

Adaptation of the tractor under the ATS with the following modifications:

– Added a new version of the instrument;
– Replaced the bonnet mirror;
– Dimensions of “Dot”, “Ovalius” and “Dot Line Style” Now create a small lighting around you;
– Neon lights of two colors;
– Indicator retarder;
– The sounds are replaced by default;
– Bortovik Kirilloid22 instead of the old and the alternative bortovik “Peterbilt387_Computer + clock.scs” clock in the archive with the mod;
– Small improvements for 3d models.
For tuning from the ETS elements connect “P387_tuning_from_ETS.scs”.

Upgrading to version
Changes / Additions:

– Removed the cab suspension
– Fixed mat painting
– New lights
– New gear stick
– Fixed bonnet mirror
– Added blinds in salon
– New slots for accessories in the cabin
– Other minor bug fixes

Test version: 1.2.h

Authors: Ch_Vitalik – external model; Kirilloid22 – finalization of the external model, external tuning, sounds, textures, bortovik; Dmitry68 – digateli, PPC; Gosh Motor – interior alteration textures foreign models, tuning, animation.


14 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 [1.2.х]

  1. Yeah, my favourite truck is come back! Many thanks to you for the update mate! ;)

    Truck is works fine with latest game version!

    1. Look at your gamelog and you will see full errors related to the the dashboard.

  2. Thanks for the update, works like a charm!

  3. Very+nice+truck…only+thing+that+would+rock+is+better+engine+sounds.

  4. Thank you!!!

  5. I appreciate the beautiful truck. I loved driving your 387 for low end. This one causes me issues when in the cab. The video freezes but sound still continues. I was going to post the config, but ### the list that showed was massive long.

    Running on a Windows 10, on an Intel i7

    Is there any issues not noticed? Or perhaps the need to release a low end version

    1. I need a low end version as well. That’s what I was using originally to. I have Windows 10 and on a Intel Core I3. P.S. could there be a option to put more aceriores on it? Like drop down viser and an option to stretch the chassis? Many thanks!

  6. The truck seems beautiful, can anyone say if this truck is smooth optimized like araeths volvo vnl 670 or a resourse hog (fps drop) like peterbuild 389 ?

    1. Nascar_Perry

      Slightly more then the 389. Give it some time and he will probably release a low end version. I am waiting for a low end version as well.

  7. scania_dragon

    Thx for updating this fine truck. But it has again much wrong positions for his tuningparts. Why do you not test it before releasing ?

  8. Really nice truck, Love it, could you add better engine sounds and license plates.

  9. Maybe make extremal low-end version?

  10. Full of errors related to the dashboard, not suitable for the latest patch. Can you update this please !?

  11. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Please, update this truck for version 1.5.

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