Patch for Freightliner Classic XL 21.11.2017 (v1.29.x)

Freightliner Classic XL by odd_fellow
Update to v1.29.x by Genius

Use along with above mentioned truck.
This patch adds some missing files for interior colors that were causing a crash when selecting the flat top cab option.
Files were pulled from an old version of odd_fellow’s truck. Much thanks to him for this beautiful truck.
Thanks to Genius for the update
Reupload permitted using original link.

Patch by Windsor351

odd_fellow, Windsor351


3 thoughts on “Patch for Freightliner Classic XL 21.11.2017 (v1.29.x)

  1. Rubber Duck

    Can you also make another patch for the steering wheels, apparently the truck mod changed all the SCI steering wheels into freightliner steering wheels

    1. Windsor351

      If you are looking to change them back to SCI on all trucks but the Freigthliner:

      Go to the location ATS is installed on your computer
      Copy the dlc_sci_st_wheels.scs file and paste it to your mod folder
      Activate it with a higher priority than all your trucks

      If you do that, remember to update the copy in your mod folder if SCS ever releases an updated version.

      Aside from the spot mirrors showing the same area as the regular mirrors, all mirrors including the hood mirrors work fine. Possibly another mod causing a problem?

  2. Rubber Duck

    The mirrors aren’t working either on the freightliner

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