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No collision damage for ats 1.3

Date 2016-05-29 22:27


No collision damage for ats 1.3
set to lower priority



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6 Responses to No collision damage for ats 1.3

  1. MOD FOR NO TALENT KIDDO……..LEARN to drive or return to play need for speed kids

  2. Terrific!
    Another useless mod for useless people. Good Job, you’re doing dog #### work.

  3. ManiaX

    pathetic comment …

    my kids of 5 years is happy to use it :)

  4. Ralph

    Thanks for you work and knowledge in the game…

  5. DigitalX

    Literally editing 1 value in a text file, good grief! Have a sit down mate you need it…

  6. Susan

    For the nay sayers this has saved me countless wasted repairs when ATS refuses to stop when I an already 1/2 way in the lane or pulls up so tight that you can not complete a turn and the vehicles behind are too close to allow you to back up and snake the turn…. experience Level 56 – 250,000+ miles

    THANK YOU very much.

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