Nevada Desert – Jiggs Highway v0.04

I want to share with you my personal project to add some detailed new miles in Nevada and the Great Basin including gravel roads.

Around my truck headquarters in Elko several small steps are planned for release:
– new State Route 227, known as “Lamoille Highway”, reaching Spring Creek with the possibility of using the gas station, on the way the Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital (released)
– new SR 228, known as “Jiggs Highway”, you can visit and explore a ranch and make deliveries(released)
– reaching Jiggs (work in progress)
– gravel road to the south reaching SR 892 and finally connecting with US 50, in Nevada also called “The Loneliest Road in America” (work in progress)
– gravel road “Old Harrison Pass Road” across the Ruby Mountains to US 93 (work in progress)
– deliveries to the hospital (work in progress)
– New traffic signs for street numbers are also added.

All SCS DLC states are required.



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