Megapack sound Kriechbaum 3.0


I began to export my sounds with Fmod for the new update 1.37.
For now only 4 engines sounds are done for ATS:
Cummins M11
Cat 3406E
Paccar MX13 (based on my own recordings on a Daf E6).
Cummins 444.

Of course i’ll do the others, and make new sounds but this needs time.
These engines sounds work with these trucks :
Kenworth W900.
Kenworth T680
Kenworth W990 GTM.
Kenworth T800 GTM.
Peterbilt 389 SCS version and Viper’s last version for 1.37.
Peterbilt 579.
Peterbilt 387.
International Lonestar.
Kenworth K100.
Volvo VNL (SCS).

Kriechbaum, SCS


12 thoughts on “Megapack sound Kriechbaum 3.0

  1. LoCasLive

    Great work man, really appriciate. But could you please so kind and add Peterbilt 567 GTM as this is my Fav Truck in all times :)

    1. LoCasLive

      For MX13 at least :D

    2. Infestus13

      I think you can do it yourself if you really want it,its real easy.

      1. LoCasLive

        That is what i’ve heard before. However – Noone could ever tell me how to do this.

        1. I’ll tell you how I’ve done it for the k100 already.

  2. Infestus13

    Great job man, one of the best mods available for ats.

  3. Sir you are the shining sun in a desperate sound needed world. The K100 was a good choice. All sounds are the best as always. You alway have a smooth steady flowing sound with no breaks as no one else can match,Job well done. I sent an email to your gmail account haven’t used since 2017. let me know if it does not arrive. thanks. janimalmover.

  4. I+have+to+make+futher+comments+on+this+mod.+Due+to+the+way+SCS+has+divided+the+sounds+up+even+using+the+different+views+outside+make+even+a+totally+different+sound+level+and+effect+especially+for+anyone+using+a+base+generated+sound+speaker+system.+I+ran+into+a+truck+parked+at+an+accident+site+at+60+mph+and+the+sound+startled+me+so+much+that+I+lurched+forward+on+seeing+and+hearing+the+impact+on+my+40+in+screen+and+sound+system.

  5. Well that was disappointing. I have to make futher comments on this mod. Due to the way SCS has divided sounds up even using the different exterior views makes a totally different sound effect espically for a base generated sound system. I ran into a parked truck at an accident site and the sounds startled me when seeing and hearing the accident on my 40 in screen. This sound pack even has the engine sound and supercharger whistle even down to the point of stall with no frequency gap when you start to move. I congratulate you sir on your extensive talent and massive time it must have taken to get these sounds so immersive. I encourage all simmers to just use this pack to see how it helps your game enjoyment.

  6. Nice Work Kriechbaum thank you!!

  7. it’s do wonderful BUT with W900 by SCS don’t have sound of air brake and reverse gear alert.

  8. larry huard

    jolie travail monsieur lol tu avais fait le c15 caterpillar dans une precedente edition et ce moteur me manqué, car je crois que c etait un des plus realistique. as tu des vues pour le mettre a jour sur ats1.37 stp.
    thanks a lot
    larry australia

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