Lufkin Dump Trailer 2000 v1.3.3

Changes in v1.3.3:
Adapted to the latest game patch 1.48

Lufkin Dump Trailer this modification adds high quality very robust trailer model for ATS players. This trailer by factory default, has only 2 axles. A Lufkin dump trailer is a type of trailer used for hauling and dumping loose materials such as rocks, sand, gravel, or construction debris. Lufkin is a well-known manufacturer of trailers, including dump trailers. Dump trailers are equipped with hydraulic systems that allow the trailer bed to be tilted or lifted, allowing for easy and controlled unloading of its contents. Lufkin dump trailers are often used in construction, landscaping, and agricultural industries for efficient transportation and disposal of materials.

Features Lufkin Dump Trailer:
Standalone trailer;
Cable support;
A few accesories included;
Animation of supports;
Working brake and reverse lights;
Detailed 3D model.

Tested on game version 1.48.x

S4rtana Modding


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