Kurkusowy&Familia MAP v1.0


Mod adds constitute highway US101 and additional cities.

Mod includes the addition of US50 & CA99 EXTENSION!

Mod adds:
– ROAD US101
– Crescent City
– Weed City
– Overton City.
– Rachel village.

Tested on version 1.2.x

Marta and Kurkus


11 thoughts on “Kurkusowy&Familia MAP v1.0

  1. Thanks for this but make it compatible the newest US50 & CA99 with
    Mexuscan 1.7.2 and Coast to Coast 1.7.1 .
    than it will work.
    now I have a piece of road (not completed) and no city`s .

    1. Sure would be nice if people quit demanding things work together.
      How about you figure out how to do it yourself instead of whining like a child?

      1. how about we do all by ourself, lets close all busines…you can repair all yourself, grow everything yourself.

  2. MHA Pro compartability?

  3. seems very nice but is it compatible with Coast to Coast 1.7.1 .and others alike and also can you show like a breakdown of where in the mod manage this goes so we can know .

  4. tem um mapa mod laçado em um site qual eu baixo com frequência ATS que esta deixando nos jogadores a desejar porem o mapa não funciona vou enviar o link pagina 3 você vera as conversas inclusive a minha, é possível você descarregar o arquivo e corrigilo pois o autor parece que abandonou e o mapa e muito bom, o melhor do ATS.
    forte abraço

  5. Thanks for this but please make it compatible the newest US-50 & CA-99 v1.4.4.1

    1. use the US-50 & CA-99 v1.4.4.1 version so that you can drive it.

      1. That (Kurkusowy&Familia MAP v1.0) map messes up the I-80/I-580(US-395) interchange fixed in (the US-50 & CA-99 v1.4.4.1)

  6. The map would be good if it didn’t remove part of I-15 at Las Vegas Nevada, The map placement has to be before Coast to Coast map for all parts of your map to show. I drove all of your map with it placed above Coast to Coast map. Overton City is the area that is cutting I-15 section.
    Great job keep up the good work

  7. ShirBlackspots

    This is NOT compatible with C2C v1.7.1/Mexuscan v1.7.2 or US-50/CA99 extension v1.4.4.1. Tested it in every possible position.

    Not compatible with the v1.4.4.1 extension because of the Reno interchange.

    Not compatible with C2C and Mexuscan because the new cities on the edge of the map block out I-15 to Utah, and I-5 from Hornbrook into Oregon.

    Not terribly sure about compatibility with MHAPro, but it looks like it is.

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