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Klaas’ Police Frequency Mod

Date 2016-02-12 15:14


All right reserved to Klaas . Please do not report this mod.
Contact: [email protected]
Use contact adress for bugs or any suggestions.

How to install
Extract the scs file and then copy into mod folder. ( Usually Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod)
Create a new profile or edit an existing profile and activate the mod.

– Police frequency reduced to 0.4 in California
– Police frequency reduced to 0.3 in Nevada
[By default is 0.7]

Author: Klaas


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4 Responses to Klaas’ Police Frequency Mod

  1. Bjorn Kollerud


    Reduced from what, from 1.0 ?

    • By default police car has 0.7 . Other vehicles have 1.0 , except big ones, like Bus and others.

      • Knagar

        This looks like a reupload of another mod, exact same file an everything only with your name on it. Sorry, but this is reported as you clearly stole someones mod.

        • It is a very common mod and I may not be the only one who made this kind of mod, but I didn’t stole someone work. I explained you on steam. I put Klaas in the mod name as a signature.

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