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Kenworth W900 Reworked [1.6]

Date 2017-06-18 20:04

– Kenworth dealer
– New cockpit
– A new extended chassis
– Redesigned interior
– New tuning
– New skins

Tested 1.6.x

SCS, Pinga


Comments (20)

20 Responses to Kenworth W900 Reworked [1.6]

  1. Sire

    old mod from 06/2016 !!!!!

    thanks for this sh*t

  2. jamesx066

    junk at least do a good job

  3. Kei

    please make that! for 1.27.2 update!

  4. Matias

    Error changing interior :(

  5. KasiusJP

    Either the author of the idiot lay out the old fashion 2016, or it’s a fraudster

  6. Modz

    Don’t+talk+crap+if+you+cant+run+the+mod+and+if+you+don’t+like+it+then+you+can+go+and+make+your+own+mod+instead+of+talking+bad+about+peoples+hard+worked+mods and don’t call people idiots because you don’t like the mod

  7. Modz

    Pinga keep up the good work and this is one of my fav mods

  8. виталий

    на какую именно версию идет этот мод просто 1.6. много разных поточней можно на какую версию

  9. Deezo

    I can’t remember a Pinga mod that has worked properly. Ever. Right out of the box, this mod is missing exhaust textures, headlights and crashes on change of interior. That’s fairly standard for Pinga’s mods. Never mind though, ATS certainly needs more W900s.

  10. виталий

    какая версия игры

  11. t1m

    interior is broken ctd instant

  12. kpinion

    i+really+like+what+you+are+doing.but+it’s not+working+right.

  13. виталий

    на какую версию игры

  14. Kei

    ETS2 1.27.2 all version for please make it!

  15. R & T Trucking

    This is just a reload of the old mod that’s why it don’t work on 1.6!!!!

  16. 359

    Make this for the 389 not this shit

  17. steve helvitson


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