Kenworth W900 Long

Kenworth W900 LONG VERSION 8-2 E ETS2 1.35.x and 1.36.x

What is done:
– The truck is adapted for the latest versions of the game.
– If possible, the detected errors in the log are corrected.
– Fixed crash from the game when connecting the left hood mirrors.
– Added cable.
– Added missing files.
– Fixed icons when buying in the Salon.
– Added Lighting on the rack behind the cab, on the roof, bumper and kenguryatnik.
– Added large air conditioning for the cabin and sleeping bag.
– Fixed flashing beacons.
– Added your own skins (More skins will be added in a separate topic).
– Added wheel accessories from diablo.
– Reduced file size – scs, almost 3 times.
– And much more (I won’t remember everything).



6 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Long

  1. fake by mos82

  2. Original by Dmitry, not whoever this is.

    1. kpmoore53

      Evidently true, but his version apparently no longer works

  3. Whoever originally made it,I love it.Best heavy hauler I have had so far.

  4. kpmoore53

    I agree with Yachtlover. Would be perfect if made compatible with Sisl’s addons, and if I could ever figure out how to custom paint and logo. Thanks for sharing this working model.

  5. can you put an older sound file in for me i dont like the new update so i havent updated i like this truck but my sound doesnt work i’m tried unzipping it and adding a sound file to it that came form the original truck but when i repack it as an scs it says othe but doesnt show up

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