11 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack V1.2

  1. Awesome!

  2. This is a great mod, don’t stop adding accessories Pete your accessories are pretty good..

  3. Aventador

    Much better than pinga works fine with another mods.

  4. Thank you! Great mods and the usable double mirrors is something I’ve been wanting since the W900 was released.

    1. Please explain how are they usable? I only see the same mirrors when buy this one…

      1. With these double mirrors the view in the main mirror is the same as the standard duty mirrors, which means I can see past the exhaust when using the optional exhaust with heat shields and see the trailer so backing in is much easier. With the in game SCS double mirrors the heat shields block the view.

  5. the18wosfan

    Thank you, much better than Pinga :D Could you make a new update where the sleeper wings, fuel tank fairings, and toolbox on the long frame are all optional accessories?

  6. if you could , add (painted frame frame,mirror,and drop visor)

  7. One thing id liked to see somebody bring out. Hood Ornaments for the W900!

  8. Can u add fenders for the back wheels on the w900 plz

  9. Does it work with version 1.3 ? Thanks

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