Kenworth T800 2016 V 1.36

Yes, yes, I know, this is another Kenworth T800 mod. This is intended to be the 2015/2016 model that reuses parts of the W900 in real life and exactly the same is done here. This mod reuses as many parts of the SCS Kenworth W900 as possible, in this way you get a SCS quality (hopefully) Kenworth T800. Tested on American truck simulator v 1.36 DX11

Update all parts pmd
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YanRed, Gt Mike, Scs software


13 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 2016 V 1.36

  1. Sanjin Dzelilovic

    when i want to buy this truck my game crashing

    1. it’s because you’re ##### greetings

  2. Now we need a trailer for this <3

  3. Nascar_Perry

    Confirmed, unfortunately this mod is crashing when trying to customize or purchase. Confirmed on 1.36 with a new profile, and with all mods disabled to rule out other conflicts.

    1. Vamos pero cualquiera diría el error que accesorio da fallos asss estos novatos de hoy en día …

      1. Nascar_Perry

        First off, Hard to respond when I have to translate your reply. Second off, calling me a rookie? I’ve been on ATS since its release, I am also a content creator (sounds, Skins, etc) and I drive these things for a living.

        Let’s recap. I have tested your mod in a clean game with no other mods, under a new profile, as well as my current profile which has mods. BOTH times, your mod crashed and your mod WAS confirmed in my error log as the reason for the crash.

        If you cannot take criticism from people who are clearly trying to point out an issue, and would rather insult them as seen from your reply to me and to Sanjin Dzelilovic then you shouldn’t be releasing content. We need more content from creators who are willing to work with those who use them to make that content better, not bash them. When we realize where we have problems, they can be fixed sooner making the mods that much better.

        Next time, review what someone has told you carefully, and then go back and see if your mod is creating any errors for yourself. Test it on another machine with a different setup, and when someone says there is a problem, instead of the snarky reply, maybe ask them what is happening and to post any logs generated to see if you catch something wrong.

        1. Sorry, but it works fine. 1.36 with jbx & other mods. No crashes. But some problems with stock steering wheel. Its invisible.

  4. gracias por lo comentarios pero mientras mas cortos mejor no soy de leer testamentos en fin gracias husky lo de volante si lo se ya que eso no actualize para la proxima version con trailer incluido saludos espero publicarlo para la 1.37

    1. Jimmy B. Peralta

      Saludos Yanred voy a probar tu mod ahora, pero me detuve a leer los comentarios, creo que lo que @Nascar_perry trata de hacerte es una critica constructiva, entiendo no deberias reaccionar de manera agresiva, pero obvio no debes hacerme caso, solo desde como lo veo no hay necesidad de reaccionar mal. Luego de probar te dejo saber mi feedback <3

  5. El+camion+esta+muy+bien,+solo+que+los+sonidos+que+se+escuchan+dentro+de+la+cabina+al+meter+cambios+es+que+son+muy+pero+muy+molestos,+seria+bueno+si+solo+se+escucharan+al+poner+cámara+exterior.

    1. gracias en la 1.37 seran nuevos

  6. Unfortunately, the truck changes the colors of other trucks. It looks like sunset. can you fix that? Thank you

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