Kenworth T680 with smoke & AI Traffic

Kenworth-T680-1 Kenworth-T680-2

This mod modifies the original Kenworth T680 and adding smoke off all exhausts including traffic AI.

Tested in:

Please respect the copyright and the original download link.

Authors: SCS, ETS2MOD


7 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 with smoke & AI Traffic

  1. PeterbiltFreak

    If i hit the gas hard, will there be smoke and if i have the engine off the smoke is gone?

    1. I agree, the smoke should also be base on the RPM.

  2. brad tyler

    Hi great mod! Do you think you can change the smoke to black just asking thanks.

  3. does this exhausts smoke is fake like ETS2 or comes out when you step on the Gas

  4. It’s supposed to be like that. The smoke will come out when you hit the pedal and then dissipate when you let off the gas. it shouldn’t be smoking all the time unless you have engine problems.

  5. can you also make this for W900 and peterbilt trucks

  6. make smoke blacker and thicker

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