Kenworth T680 Nextgen Update by soap98 v1.46X

-fix gps sattelite navigation
-updated models
-fix some bugs

-Sale from the dealer Kenworth
-6 chassis
-3 cabins
-Many engines & sounds
-Your interior (4 options)
-Tuning Parts
-Support skins

For the game version 1.46

Update: soap98
Credits: warryor3d


9 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 Nextgen Update by soap98 v1.46X

  1. tutomu kimura

    upgrade is lie. it is stolen mods

    1. SoapModding

      if you think its lie visit my blog

    2. Roberto D.

      S T F U

    3. I hope someone bans you from parrot posting too many times, tutomu.

    4. Do you enjoy parrot posting, tutomu?

  2. I reported him/her yesterday to ATSMODS.

    1. I’d do the same in ETS2 mods. tutomu’s been repeatedly posting over and over.

  3. The lights on dim setting is too bright.
    Fix that and you have a truck.
    Everything else works good.

  4. I had to uninstall the mod because any time i try to use the truck the game crashes. I don’t have any other t680 mods so there ins’t a confict in my game.

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