International LoneStar Rework by WCW v1.0

This mod adds many new configurations and parts to the default SCS International LoneStar

Adds 73″ High Rise Sleeper
Adds 56″ Low Roof Sleeper
Makes cab deflectors optional on all cabs, adds extended cab deflectors

204″ Wheelbase chassis for daycabs
262″ Wheelbase chassis for 56″ sleepers
280″ Wheelbase chassis for 73″ sleepers
(Paint-matched versions for all)

Under cab-mounted fuel tanks
(Short, medium, and long configurations)

Frame-mounted toolboxes behind fuel tanks
(single and double-door versions)

Fully customizable stacks
(single/dual options, long/short versions of miter, flat, 90-degree and bull hauler tips, heat shield delete)

Optional paint-matched grille, mirrors, door handles, fuel tanks, and air filters

Custom drop and reverse bowtie visors
(chrome and paint)

3 Single axle fender options
(poly, chrome, paint)

3 Low Cut single axle fender options
(chrome, paint, fiberglass)

4 Half fender options
(short poly, long poly, chrome, paint)

4 Low cut half fender options
(chrome, paint, fiberglass, fiber with paint-matched mounts)

3 Full fenders
(poly, chrome, paint)

4 Low cut full fenders
(chrome, paint, fiberglass, fiber with paint-matched mounts)

4 rear bumpers in paint or chrome with fully configurable lights
(basic frame cover, frame cover + boxed mudflap hangers, frame cover + low mounted mudflap hangers, T- Bars)

SCS – Original Assets
wilberado (myself) – All custom models/textures used in this pack
RGLE – Beta testing, additional preview images


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