Interior/Exterior Reworks MEGAPack 1.2.1

-This mod greatly improves interiors and exteriors textures and materials for all default trucks
-Added missing glass in front of dash panels
-Added missing Eaton Fuller gear shifters for all vanilla trucks
-Added possibility to enable/disable onboard GPS
-Added new animations for integrated navigation displays
-Added possibility to install Cobra 29LTD cb radio (available with different front panel themes and backlight colors) with animated cord
-Tweaked interior cameras for increased view angles
-Added proper dashboard backlight for all trucks
-Added possibility to choose interiors with MPH or KMH speedometers
-Added new windshield wipers modes
-Added compatibility with SISL`s accessories megapack for all vanilla trucks
-Improved lightmasks for all vanilla trucks
-Few other small improvements

Mod was tested on ver. 1.29.x. Not tested with previous versions!

1. It is possible to make your own frontpanel theme for Cobra cb radio. You will need to edit this texture:
2. If you want to use SISL`s accessories mod with this mod, then only install main mod package and do not install SCS Trucks addon for ATS
3. If you plan to use this mod with my physics mod for ATS, then make sure this mod has higher priority, than physics mod.

Changelog for ver.1.2.1 (02.01.18):
-Added backlight for integrated navigation devices;
-Fixed issue with black Eaton Fuller gear sticks medallions during the night;
-Added interior lamp backlight for rest of the trucks;
-Fixed outside windshield and door glass material for Peterbilt 389;
-Added tint for side sleeper window of Peterbilt 389;
-Added normal maps for all outside interior models;
-Exclusive interiors of all trucks now will use different more expensive Kenwood radio model;
-Other small fixes.

AlexeyP, SCS Software


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10 thoughts on “Interior/Exterior Reworks MEGAPack 1.2.1

  1. The gps does not work! No Kenwood radio! What to do? Prompt! Thank you!

    1. Make sure you don`t use any other truck mods, which may interfere/conflict with my mod.

  2. The gps is working! Kenwood no radio, only Cobra! Thanks for the mod, it’s very good!

    1. Kenwood is the radio (device to listen fm, play mp3`s), not cb radio (to chat with somebody).

  3. Welp, looks like you fixed it buddy, my steps are back on my truck now! Good job!

      1. Did find one bug dough, my female passenger was riding on the roof as well in the cab, moved the mod around and no luck getting her to get off the #### roof lol, so I switched to a bag on the passenger seat and it’s working fine, I don’t know what’s up with the passengers.

  4. Probably one of my mod trucks doing that conflict with the passenger as I now see your comment above, but the GPS and all that other cool stuff like the CB radio works fine so I’m not gonna sweat the passenger deal if that means getting rid of my mod trucks, the bag on the seat is fine with me. I like the inside of my 389 better like this anyway

  5. Is there a way to make a interior or update it for the volvo vnl shop 1.4 mod?

  6. is the kw900 dashlights suppose to be on at all times with the ignition on?

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