Ford F-100 Custom Cab 1956

-checked ver.
-spelled out separately
-your salon.
showroom Peterbilt

Authors: Elaman, Diablo, Microsoft’s Turn10

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Elaman, Diablo, Turn10


20 thoughts on “Ford F-100 Custom Cab 1956

  1. Gavin Clifton


  2. David A King

    try to drive the truck after purchase and game crashes to desktop. Looks great be nice if you could drive it

  3. Finally a good car for ATS?
    Oh, please, let this be true!
    And even a classic one.

    Best regards,

    Will you do other cars as well?

  4. nice car !
    right mirror is looking forward … can’t see what’s behind..only problem apart from the awesome top speed of 45mph :)

  5. David040700

    That’s a really good mod.
    High quality, beautiful interior, very nice.
    Great job !


  7. Excellent!
    And this can be done without the driver.

    1. add in the tuning that you could drive without a driver

  8. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  9. Test Video:

  10. So far, every time I clicked on the right and left mirrors, it crashes and jams my whole computer. Not sure what might be causing that. Otherwise it seems to drive fine.

  11. AMAZING MODEL! almost perfect, only needs a proper v6/v8 motor sound… THANKS! ur an awesome modeler dude

  12. like+some,+crashes+after+purchase.+Was+looking+forward+to+driving+:(

  13. please make it for ETS2 1.27.2!

  14. can you update?

  15. mehrab rjl 8000

    update it for ats 1.32 please
    with real sound :)

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