Ford Crown Victoria – California Highway Patrol

This mod uses a Ford Crown Victoria body model using the SCS Software model in the game files as well as the interior made by Metehan Bilal and Nimit.

This vehicle is not finished, and it will be updated constantly and fixes will be added as well as new features. It is only recommended to drive in third person mode due to the interior still being fixed.

– fix broken interior texture, position, and animation
– add sirens and a working lightbar that can move traffic out of the way

Murican (Metehan Bilal and Nimit for Interior | SCS Software for Crown Victoria Model


7 thoughts on “Ford Crown Victoria – California Highway Patrol

  1. Nice efforts to revive the old mod, but please ask for permission next time :)

    NimitVideos on YouTube or Nimit#4255 (Discord).

    1. Yeah sorry about that, I just don’t know where to contact you and eventually I decided to just release the mod all together. Hopefully you’re not too mad about that. I hope you enjoy the mod, it’s going to be updated constantly.

      1. Any chance we can get a pilot car version (blank skin, yellow light bar or slot to use the BigT pack, and oversize sign on front, maybe height pole)?

  2. Very nice mod but the copit view is very mess up i think you can do a batter job next time, is a nice cop car.

  3. I know its the holidays and I thank you for what you’ve added on so far, just curious as to do you know when you’ll add the light and sirens ?

  4. this is a truck simulator just find a car simulator for this kindergarten…..

    1. drevon evans

      OMFG! Bro scs dosent care

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